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Nutrition Plus Products is a Canadian company supplying natural health products developed by pharmacist Sam Ibrahim.  Sam was educated as a pharmacist in Germany and had studied herbal medicine for 5 years as part of his training. Nutrition Plus is committed to producing the finest quality natural health products. Every batch of our product is quality tested by independent labs so that we can offer guaranteed potency and purity. If a batch doesn’t meet our rigorous standards, we will not re-label it, mark it down, and dump it on the marketplace.  We reject any batch that does not make the grade, so there is no possibility of it finding its way to the consumer. It is our mission – and our pleasure – to make premium quality natural products available to you at affordable prices.


Due to a familiarity with regulatory compliance and pre-market product approvals, plus a thorough understanding of logistics and customs clearing, Nutrition Plus has successfully registered products and built significant business in difficult jurisdictions.


Nutrition Plus has developed relationship  with several freight forwarding companies, enabling smooth and cost effective shipment of products to oversea locations. 


All Nutravite products come with Canadian Natural Product Numbers (NPNs), ensuring consistent high quality product.


Business Meeting


Our business model is based on finding suitable partners in select markets that will have exclusivity for Nutravite or our other brands. In turn we:

  • Tailor product assortment and marketing materials to meet local consumer preferences. 

  • Comply with regulatory requirements of the local health authorities. 

  • Private label is available for existing and custom made products.


Shaking Hands


Nutrition Plus uses third party fabricators, but sources its own ingredients to ensure quality and cost competitiveness.

Thoroughly familiar with the Canadian manufacturing landscape, Nutrition Plus has established relationships with manufacturers of tablets, capsules, soft gels, tinctures, creams, and powders.

There is not a product or ingredient we are not able to source!


Our company structure is highly streamlined, allowing it to be cost competitive with a high level of customer service.



All third-party fabricators manufacturing Nutravite or other branded products undergo a quality audit before they are selected.


Canadian regulations for Natural Health Products require all manufacturing facilities to be GMP compliant. A government Site License is issued to manufacturers once they have proven GMP compliance, and they are not allowed to operate without it.

Nutrition Plus owns all of its formulas and product licenses from Health Canada. All ingredients we supply are tested by us before they are used in production.

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